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Sunset, Pyrography, Lake Fishing, Wood Wall Art


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Ship and Lighthouse, Wood Sculpture Wall Hanging Art


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Wall Hanging Nautical Tropical Fish, Wood Sculptured Wall Art.


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Salmon in the Wild, Wood Sculptured, Wall Hanging Fisherman or Man Cave Decor.


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Bass Large Mouth Fish Trophy Wall Art, Wood Wall Hanging, Man Cave Decor for Fishermen.


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Wall Decor for Grandson, Boy Fishing, Wood Sculpture, Wall Art


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Dolphin, Mahi Mahi. Wood Sculpture. Wall Art, Fisherman Trophy, Intarsha wood Art


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Fish Trophy Striped Bass, Wood Sculpture, Wall Decor.


GALLERY AT KINGSTON Handmade Sculptured Wood Wall Art.

Our creations are Wood Sculptured Wall Art. Custom orders are taken. We specialize in wood wall hangings. As a retired husband and wife team and we specialize in Intarsia wood art.
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