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Dog, Boxer, Wood Wall Art, Pyrography, Pet Memorial, Wall Hanging


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Dachshund, Pyrography, Wood Wall Art, Pet Memorial


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Bull Dog, Wood Wall Art, Pet Memorial, Pyrography


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German Shepherd, Wood Wall Art, Pet Memorial Plaque, Home Decor


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Alaskan Malamute, Wood Wall Art, Pet Memorial, Family Photo


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Wood Wall Art, Cockatoo's . Sculptured Wall Hanging, Home Decor.


Item collection d5742d50 893f 47e9 b71f 5ac129681aaa

Wall Hanging Nautical Tropical Fish, Wood Sculptured Wall Art.


Item collection a44a4d09 6309 4d9d b0c9 103584a290a1

Pheasant taking flight! Wood Wall Sculpture,


Item collection cb955850 0631 4737 9dd2 9dc9265a5857

Boy & His Dog, Wood Sculptures Wall Art, This Wall Hanging Great for Home Decor. Intarsia Wood Art.


Item collection fdd5aee7 987a 43db ab07 eca1f72c0a53

Wood Intarsia Sculpture Cat, Wall Art for your Home Decor.


Item collection 3a1478f4 b75a 4660 9dc4 5585af5229b9

Wood Sculpture Persian Cat, Perfect Feline Kitty . Intarsia wall art . Made to hang on the wall.


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St. Bernard, Wood Wall Hanging, Wood Wall Art, Home Decor, Intarsia Wood Art.


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St Bernard Dog, This is a Wall hanging Wood Sculpture, Pet Memorial for Mans Best Friend


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Wood Wall Hanging Dog, This Boxer is a Wood Sculpture of a Magnificent Animal.


Item collection 8b4b6c2b 23d5 44c9 bc8b 461166f6f2d0

Yorkshire Terrier, Wood Wall Art, Pet Memorial


Item collection 7a9f8856 b1dc 413d 8a30 82493bcdd24c

Dachshund, Wood Sculptured Wall Decor.


Item collection 4ea810ef 5416 4f5a 93ca d401dac24bee

Dog Pug, Wood Sculpture, Wall Decor.


Item collection 9dc3678f e25a 4d19 8fbd f75bf1f12ce2

Wood Sculptured, German Shepherd, Wall Hanging, Wall Art, Pet Memorial


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Barnyard Rooster. Kitchen Decor ! Wood Wall Art, Sculptured wood wall hanging.


Item collection 0a6f88fa 9465 4f24 8db3 0935248de151

Wood Sculpture, Rooster, Weather Vane, Kitchen Decor. Wood Wall Art.


Item collection 268284a6 8939 4e98 969c dc1c3b39195e

This Rooster will rule the Kitchen! He is made of Sculptured Wood and would be a great piece of Wall Art to your Home.


Item collection 3d1a3eea 5fdf 442a 806f d2a79f0dff25

Rooster, Wood Sculpture, Wall decor. Just made for your Kitchen or Den. Great for collectors.


Item collection 7bdae80c 6003 47e5 af58 0b6b9a7aed74

Tiger, Wood Sculpture, Wall Decor.


Item collection e7262de9 7038 4949 b2e6 1f5745425443

Wood Sculpture, Lion, Animal Wall Decor.


Item collection 8440ae57 f51b 4b9e 952b c7e2a232ee87

Wall Decor, Tiger, Wood Sculpture


Item collection fc19d677 f3f4 43a6 b751 d7d41d6f8f5f

Horse, Wood Sculpture, Wall Decor, Equestrian, Western Decor


Item collection 64699045 c2d9 44bd 9d72 47f27da54724

Noah's Ark, Child's Wall Hanging made of Sculptured Wood, Religious Wall Art


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