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Patriotic, Eagle & Flag, Wood Wall Art, Decorative Pyrography, Wall hanging


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Pyrography Wood wall art, Deer, Mountains and Eagle, Wall Decor


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Hawk Taking Flight, Wood Sculpture Wall Art. Intarsia Wood Wall Decor, Wall Hanging, Rustic Home Decor


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Eagle, Wood Sculpture, Wall Decor.


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Eagle, Wood Sculpture, Wall Decor. Wall Hanging, America Patriotic Symbol


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Bald Eagle, Wood Wall Art, Home Decor Wall Hanging


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American Flag Patriotic, Wood sculpture, Wall Decor, Eagle Wall Hanging


GALLERY AT KINGSTON Handmade Sculptured Wood Wall Art.

Our creations are Wood Sculptured Wall Art. Custom orders are taken. We specialize in wood wall hangings. As a retired husband and wife team and we specialize in Intarsia wood art.
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