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Cardinals, Red Birds, Aspen Trees, Wood Wall Art, Pyrography, Decorative Art


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Patriotic, Eagle & Flag, Wood Wall Art, Decorative Pyrography, Wall hanging


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Wood Burned Bird House, Pyrography Wall Decor, Wood Wall Art


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Desert Canyons, Southwest Wood Wall Art


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Owl, Wood Wall Art, Pyrography, Wood Burned, Framed Wall Decor


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Wood Wall Art, Cockatoo's . Sculptured Wall Hanging, Home Decor.


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Wood Wall Decor, Southwest Canyons, Wall Sculpture, Wall Art


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Owl, Wood Wall Art, Abstract, Wood Sculpture, Wall Decor.


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Hawk Taking Flight, Wood Sculpture Wall Art. Intarsia Wood Wall Decor, Wall Hanging, Rustic Home Decor


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Wood Sculpture, Peacock, Bird Wood Wall Decor, Art Deco Home Decor.


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Pheasant taking flight! Wood Wall Sculpture,


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Peacock, Wood Sculpture Wall Art, This Wall Hanging has lots of color, Great for your Home Decor.


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Peacock, This Wall Art is a Wood Sculpture and Wall Hanging has lots of color, Great for your Home Decor.


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Barnyard Rooster. Kitchen Decor ! Wood Wall Art, Sculptured wood wall hanging.


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Wood Sculpture, Rooster, Weather Vane, Kitchen Decor. Wood Wall Art.


Item collection 268284a6 8939 4e98 969c dc1c3b39195e

This Rooster will rule the Kitchen! He is made of Sculptured Wood and would be a great piece of Wall Art to your Home.


Item collection 3d1a3eea 5fdf 442a 806f d2a79f0dff25

Rooster, Wood Sculpture, Wall decor. Just made for your Kitchen or Den. Great for collectors.


Item collection 6308a15e c92b 4663 af25 111b75d3289e

Eagle, Wood Sculpture, Wall Decor.


Item collection 11c35a84 3a9b 4fcf a091 868c4c12a45d

Eagle, Wood Sculpture, Wall Decor. Wall Hanging, America Patriotic Symbol


Item collection 0524a0b8 ce21 4a95 a04a d6160b4a2938

Bald Eagle, Wood Wall Art, Home Decor Wall Hanging


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American Flag Patriotic, Wood sculpture, Wall Decor, Eagle Wall Hanging


GALLERY AT KINGSTON Handmade Sculptured Wood Wall Art.

Our creations are Wood Sculptured Wall Art. Custom orders are taken. We specialize in wood wall hangings. As a retired husband and wife team and we specialize in Intarsia wood art.
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